Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Zambesi S/S 08

Zambesi, a House synonymous with emotional resonance and brooding sensibility - an edginess, a suggestion of disquiet, of hidden depths never entirely revealed. Established by Elisabeth and Neville Findlay in 1979, the House was among the first in New Zealand to express a strong local identity and to encourage clients to dress with a sure sense of self and self-expression. Its focus on proximity and intimacy echoes a landscape of raw-edged, tightly grouped hills, dense bush and the power and beauty of a rugged coast raised struggling from the ocean.
History and memory contribute strongly to Elisabeth Findlay's attitude to design. Vintage cuts and fabrics are given innovative interpretations; a gathering-up of hues, textures and weights. Her practice is fluid and directional. Disregarding obvious trends, the focus of the House is to produce garments that may be worn and treasured over time.
Images and Information from: http://www.zambesi.co.nz/profile/

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